Monday, March 31, 2008

I Have a Blog . . . *slow smile*

This is scarily simple- I bet every other moron must have one of these things now.

And like all those other morons I was spurred here from the simple fact that my opinions are actually the Hidden Facts of God without which Humanity would be Lost if they do no heed my Holy Words of Wisdom.

. . .Like everybody else . . .

*chuckle* Well, best get started then.

If I'm lucky this place will fall into obscurity and I won't have to interacts with teh peepulz, but if I have the pleasure (re: misfortune) to interact the masses then I suppose a few things should be said:

-I'm pretty tolerant . . .
-But not of intolerance
-I'm cool with disagreement . . .
-But not disrespect

I think that's a pretty good basis of who I'll deal with and who not so much.

Warning: I'll Mod the living hell out of your comments. . . : D I love you !

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