Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dear Namco . . .

Regarding SCIV's Character Creator:

If those two women's faces were, as I fear, an attempt on how any ethnic woman looks, I kindly ask that you never try such a thing again. Leave it alone; diversity has no purpose if it's mean spirited. I can make brown women out of white and asian faces just fine. Despite what some (probably not black) foreigners has told you, Dennis Rodman is not a good indicator on what brown/black women look like.


Manda said...

I wasn't sure where to leave this comment but:
I love this blog.
I am upset that it seems you are on hiatus from it...?

Please come back!

CronusKiller said...

Wow, someone actually read this thing? And LIKED it? :-D Thanks for the kind words.

I did kinda just stop posting didn't I? I was just thinking about it when I noticed your comment.